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Executive Services

Public Relations

Community Relations

Social Media Engagement

Partnership Management

Online Business

You can delegate complex, elaborate, and high trust task to Jackson's Online Business Managers. From bookkeeping, invoice management, email marketing, social media management, document creation, calendar management and more.

Conference & Event Management

Our Administrative Team help your conferences and events run smoothly..

We manage registration, communication, onsite materials, event surveys and more


  • Efficient Project Coordination: Our project administrators play a pivotal role in ensuring that all administrative aspects of your projects are meticulously managed. From facilitating project meetings to staying in touch with project team members and stakeholders, our team ensures that everyone has the necessary support and resources to keep the project moving forward.

  • Strategic Decision-Making: With a focus on short- and long-term strategies, our senior-level project administrators lead complex and large projects independently. 

  • Quality Assurance and Reporting: We emphasize the importance of maintaining high-quality administrative services through effective monitoring, evaluation of project progress, and regular updates to management.

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