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My experiences have shaped my belief that networking is much more than what people may believe that networking means. It’s about connecting with someone on a level deeper than just exchanging phone numbers and email addresses. I decided it was time to share my formula for building such a close knit community of connections, partnerships, and influencers that I can call upon to support my endeavors. You now hold that formula in your hands.


- Eleshia V. Cash

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Place Your Order for The Little Red Networking Book - Deluxe Editions  which includes a  short read on Eleshia's networking concepts for women and the companion planner is an 8 X10 in size which serves as a  one-stop quick reference guide to all things that involve network building.You may wonder how you've ever attended networking events without considering the preparation activities you will learn about within.

You will now have at your finger tips:
1-Inspirational and encouraging messages 
2- Tracking and accountability sections 
3- Helpful "insider tips"
4- Planning and goal setting sections
5- Idea Spot to jot down ideas during moments of inspiration and Much, much more.

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