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Change Agent, Passion Pusher, Ball Of Energy ,

Roaring Women Leader

A Sought after Speaker, Collaborator, Trainer, Blogger, Women’s Empowerment Champion, and Spiritual Motivator Eleshia V. Cash is the CEO of Jackson HR & Administrative Services LLC, Ydennek Girls Who Lead, and Founder Of The Women’s Empowerment Ministry.

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Eleshia V. Cash is known for being The Collaborator across many platforms. She is a dynamic speaker, trainer and  contributor of content  who is well- respected as a community and spiritual leader as well as an HR professional. She is a truly unique individual that wears many ‘hats’ , and has made her mark in the community due to her passion for women, her church, her business, and her own non-profit organization which promotes Young Women in Leadership.

Eleshia is also the author of the Little Red Networking Book ( Women's Empowerment 1st Edition) and the Little Red Networking Book Companion Planner which offers a one of a kind blend of tips to assist women with building a strong network of connections.




Strategic Partnerships

Using The Net-Connecting Strategy  helps women discover strategic networking


Providing programs, training  and development for women. 


The motivation you need to mobilize your leadership

A Diversity Resource -

Eleshia is A Powerful Speaker & Trainer:known within the speakers network for women’s conferences, retreats, industry conferences,workshops, professional development and community forums.


  • Career Pathways

  • Program Development

  • Mentorship In The WorkPlace

  • Networking

  • Staff Development

  • Women’s Empowerment

  • Youth- Girls In Leadership

  • Strategic Partnerships 

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